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  3. Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar on Nov. 11, 2021



Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar on Nov. 11, 2021


The Kyoto Environment and Development seminar series (zoom) are open to anyone, and so feel free to join us.
For participation, prior registration is required here

Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #2

  • Date & Time: November 11, 2021, Thursday, 10:30-12:00 (JST)
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Zoom Web Seminar
  • Speaker: Yuki Yamamoto (Nagasaki University)


Leaving School for Marriage? New Evidence on the Impact of Agricultural Price Boom on Child Education


This paper examines the social and economic consequences of the agricultural price boom, focusing on the Indonesian oil palm industry. Using nationally representative survey data combined with satellite information on the expansion of large-scale oil palm plantation in Indonesia, we estimate the imp act of the global palm oil price on household farm income and school enrollment rate and marriage of the younger generation. The main findings are as follows. First, farmers experienced a boost in income in response to the global price boom. The increase in farm income, however, was limited to farme rs those who own farmland in oil palm plantation areas. Second, when the global palm oil price booms, the enrollment rate at senior high school and college for females in palm plantation areas decreased, while no change was found for males in both plantation and non-plantation areas. The decline in the female enrollment rate is attributed to an increasing marriage rate among land owned farmers who exposed to the price boom. These results indicate that the expansion of the palm oil industry in Indonesia leads to heterogeneous social and economic consequences depending on economic status or gend er through the global market.

  • Chair: Yohei Mitani (Division of Natural Resource Economics, Kyoto University)
  • Organizers: Junichi Ito, Chieko Umetsu, Yohei Mitani, Ken Miura


Ken Miura
Division of Natural Resource Economics
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
E-mail: miura.ken.3e [at] kyoto-u.ac.jp(replace [at] with @)

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