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  3. Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #13, on June 30 [for Members and Generals]



Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #13, on June 30 [for Members and Generals]


The Kyoto Environment and Development seminar series (zoom) are open to anyone, and so feel free to join us.

For participation, prior registration is required here.

Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #13 June 30

How do small-scale cassava farmers overcome global issues? –cassava profit and technical efficiency in Cambodia

  • Date&Time: June 30 Thus, 10:30-11:30 (JST)
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Zoom Web Seminar
  • Speaker: Hisako Nomura (Kyusyu University)


Abstract: Cassava farmers are facing economic as well as multifaceted natural challenges. Regarding the economic factor, they face price fluctuations of cassava chips and fresh tubers in the global market. Also, unexpected weather conditions and diseases impact the production, too. Under global price fluctuation and unexpected natural hazards, farmers take various strategies to capture the diminishing profits. However, it is not sure which practice leads to capturing profit. Also, there might be some strategies that might even reduce profit. Therefore, this study investigates determinant factors, including inputs to profit efficiency and socio-economic variables that influence technical efficiency. In particular, we examine which farming strategy specific to cassava plantation leads to capturing profit using a Cobb-Douglas stochastic frontier model. Concerning farmers’ strategies, we found that producers should not buy additional bunches for replanting and should plant at the optimized density to capture profits. Other strategies showed ambiguous outcomes. Knowing correct farming practices could improve technical efficiency for profit maximization.




Division of Natural Resource Economics
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

  • Chair: Koichi Kuriyama (Division of Natural Resource Economics, Kyoto University)
  • Organizers: Junichi Ito, Yohei Mitani, Ken Miura
  • Contact: Ken Miura/ miura.ken.3e [at] kyoto-u.ac.jp(replace [at] with @)

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