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[New book release] China’s Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia’s Energy Transition” Routlege


Dear JASID members,

This is Akihisa Mori of Kyoto University. I’m pleased to issue a release that China’s Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia’s Energy Transition is published from Routledge, and becomes open access this month.


You can download the whole book as well as each chapter from this website. The book is a research result of the previous research project funded by JSPS entitled International relocation of carbon emissions: China’s Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia’s Energy Transition.

It aims to explore how China’s carbon-energy policy has impacted Asia’s energy transition through outbound FDI of coal power and exports of wind and solar energy goods, and from carbon leakage, relocation, and halos perspective, and give implications to pathways toward carbon neutral in Asia.

The contexts and authors are as follows.

Part I.  Energy transition and carbon leakage, relocation, and halos

Chapter 1: Carbon leakage, relocation, and halo

A framework to understand impacts of China’s carbon-energy policy on Asia’s energy transitions
By Akihisa Mori

Chapter 2: Struggles for energy transition in the electricity system in Asian countries

A system complementarity perspective
By Akihisa Mori


Part II.  China’s energy and industrial transformation as push factors

Chapter 3: Economic and environmental impacts of power supply configuration change in China

An application of scenario input-output analysis
By Jiayang Wang, Kiyoshi Fujikawa

Chapter 4: From latecomer to first-mover advantage

Why Chinese solar PV manufacturers acquire stronger competitiveness in the global market
By Nobuhiro Horii

Chapter 5: Do Chinese power companies employ investments in foreign power projects as a geographical diversification strategy?

By Akihisa Mori


Part III.  Carbon, leakage, relocation, and halo effect in host countries

Chapter 6: The economic and carbon impact of China’s outward foreign direct investment in the power sector

By Hikari Ban, Kiyoshi Fujikawa

Chapter 7: Effect of renewable energy policies on the components’ exports from Asian countries

Evidence from the trade of PV/wind energy with matching econometrics
By Yasuhiro Ogura

Chapter 8: The role of China in energy transition in Indonesia

By Maxensius Tri Sambodo

Chapter 9: India’s energy transition

Is China an inhibitor or a catalyst?
By Nandakumar Janardhanan

Chapter 10: Impact of Chinese renewable technology exports on Japan’s energy transition

The case of the solar photovoltaic industry
By Takashi Hattori, Yi-chun Chen

Chapter 11: Generating or receiving carbon leakages?

An examination of China’s CO2 emissions in Asia
By Le Tuyet Vo, Yiyi Ju


Part IV. Countermeasures and future challenges

Chapter 12: Implications of East Asia electricity market integration on Southeast Asian economies and CO2 emissions

By Budy P. Resosudarmo, Yuventus Effendi

Chapter 13: China’s carbon-energy policy and Asia’s energy transition from carbon leakage, relocation, and halo perspectives

Conclusions and the future
By Akihisa Mori


Akihisa Mori (Kyoto University)

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