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JASID provides interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners of international development.

How to Become a Member

JASID is an academic society with the aim of bringing together the knowledge and experience about development from multiple disciplines. We also aim to contribute to the development of human resources for further enrichment of research and practice in the field of international development. JASID is a vibrant association with experienced researchers and practitioners as well as young professionals and researchers.   

Applications for membership are accepted at any time. Those who want to be a JASID member is requested to read the following page and click ‘Membership Application Form’ in this page.

Membership Categories and Annual Membership Fees

  • Full member: 10,000 yen
  • Full member (over 70 years old): 5,000 yen
  • Student member: 5,000 yen
  • Supporting Member: 30,000 yen or more

* Admission fee is not required.
* Financial year: October 1st – September 30th
* If you are a working student, please register as a full member. In this case, please enter the name of your company in the “Affiliation” field (Not the name of the university).

First-year membership fee

Depending on the time of admission, the annual membership fee for the first year of will be reduced as follows. Membership screening is irregular, and the timing of admission cannot be specified in advance.

Approved from October to March

  • Full member: 10,000 yen
  • Full member (over 70 years old): 5,000 yen
  • Student member: 5,000 yen

Approved from April to September

  • Full member: 5,000 yen
  • Full member (over 70 years old): 2,500 yen
  • Student member: 2,500 yen

All members are eligible and no application is required for this reduction. Please check the amount on the invoice included in your membership approval notice.

Annual Membership Fee Reduction Programme

Regardless of the time of admission, we have established a reduced membership fee programme for JASID members who are experiencing financial hardship. If you wish to apply for this reduction programme of your first year’s membership fee, please read the requirements written in the email which we will send you after you send application form.

– Full member (No full-time job): 5,000yen (5,000 off)
– Student member: 2,000yen (3,000 off)

For new members aged 70 or older, the age-based reduction will apply, and they will not be eligible for the reduction due to financial hardship.

After the second year, the JASID Secretariat Office will announce the membership fee reduction application procedure for the following year on the mailing list around August of each year. The reduction will be applied only to those members who have applied in the prescribed manner within the period specified in the e-mail and who have been approved by the Executive Board. Please be sure to read through the emails distributed from the JASID Secretariat.

Member Benefits

For Full member:

  • Qualification for applying to the presentation in the annual and spring conference
  • Qualification for the participation in the annual and spring conference
  • Participation and application for presentation in JASID branch
  • Participation and making presentation of research group activity
  • Submission for our society’s journal, ‘Journal of International Development Studies’
  • Distribution of the copy of ‘Journal of International Development Studies’
  • Receipt of ‘JASID News Letter’ (4 times per year)
  • Receipt of ‘JASID Mail Magazine’ (from time to time), and request to delivery news
  • Request for the notification at JASID website
  • Application for JASID Prize
  • Right of voting and eligibility for election of JASID board member

For Student member:

  • Basically, student member receives the same services as Full member
  • However, you wish to make a presentation at annual or spring conference, you need recommendation of your professors
  • Right of voting for election of JASID board member (no eligibility for being elected)

Steps to Join JASID

To become a member, please click ‘Membership Application Form’ button.

Page1: Agreement

Please read ‘Articles of Agreement of Japan Society for International Development’. If you agree this article, please check ‘agree’ and click ‘Register’ button.

Page 2: Authentication

Please mention your e-mail address and click the ‘send’ button.

Page 3: Profile

You will receive an e-mail concerning e-mail address verification. Please click URL in this mail, and complete the registration of your profile. Please click ‘Next’ button.

Page 4: Application info

 Please check your membership fee and click ‘Next’ button.

Page5: Payment Method

 Please choose payment method (credit card payment or bank transfer) and click ‘confirm’ button. Even if your institution would pay your membership fee, you can choose payment method.

Page 6: Confirm

Please check your application form, and click ‘Register’ button. If you would like to revise your information, please click ‘Back’ button.

Page 7: Complete

 Confirmation letter would be sent to your registered email address. If you can not receive it, please contact JASID Secretariat.


  • If you wish to have your membership fee paid by your institution such as a university, please contact JASID Secretariat. In this case, payment can only be made by postal transfer (please bear the remittance fee). Please note that the system does not allow you to select postal transfer as a payment method during the membership application process. Therefore, please select either credit card payment or bank transfer as a convenience method to proceed with the application. After approval of your membership, the JASID Secretariat will change the payment method to postal transfer.
  • If you wish to be registered as a student member, please upload a copy of your student ID (both sides) or the official documents that prove your status as a student and shows the expiration date. Without these documents, your application would be reviewed as that of for a full member. If you are a working student, please join as a regular member.
  • If you do not receive the URL for membership application or the completed application email, please contact to JASID Secretariat.

Process to complete the application for membership

Step 1: Application for membership (online application)

If you are interested in joining our society, please click on the Membership Application Form and fill in the necessary information to apply.

Step 2: Acceptance by JASID Secretariat

JASID Secretariat will confirm the information you have entered. If there are any inaccuracies or questions, our staff will contact you by e-mail.

Step 3: Review by the JASID Executive Board Committee

The application for membership will be reviewed by JASID Executive Board Committee. If any problem arises, JASID Secretariat will contact you.

Step 4: Notification of approval and billing of annual membership fee

After the JASID Executive Board Committee approves your application as JASID member, you will receive an e-mail from JASID Secretariat that your application has been approved and that you will be charged the annual membership fee. Please pay the annual membership fee according to the contents of the e-mail.

Step 5: Membership registration completion email and notification of membership number

After JASID Secretariat confirm your payment of the annual membership fee, , you will receive an e-mail informing that your membership registration has been completed. Your membership number will also be included in that email. And you will be able to receive the society’s mailing list after your membership registration is complete. If there are our society’s journal “International Development Studies” left, we will also send you the latest one by mail. Please note that it may take a certain amount of time for the journal to be sent.

For those who wish to join as a supporting member (companies and organizations)
If you are in charge of a company or organization that would like to become a supporting member, please contact to JASID Secretariat using the inquiry form.

About collection of personal information

JASID has ‘JASID Privacy Policy’. Please see the following site for details.


Questions and Inquiries


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