The Japan Society for International Development (hereafter referred to as JASID), recognizing the importance of personal information, will endeavor to undertake its acquisition, usage, and management appropriately.

Acquisition of personal information

JASID will obtain personal information from members and applicants for membership and non-members who participate in the activities of JASID (hereafter referred to as information provider), to a degree necessary for the activities of JASID. In principle, JASID will specify its purpose for acquiring such information, and may only acquire information in accord with the wishes of the information provider.

Use of personal information

The acquired personal information will be used by JASID to a degree necessary for the activities identified in the Articles of JASID (hereafter referred to as the Articles). The acquired information will not be disclosed nor provided to any third party without the consent of the information provider, unless there are special circumstances.
However, under the following conditions, information may be used or provided for purposes other than the acquisition purpose:

  1. When its use conforms to regulations of law.
  2. When JASID recognizes it necessary and consent is given by the information provider.
  3. When the management of personal data is commissioned in part or in whole so that JASID may conduct its activity identified in the Articles.

Management of personal information

JASID will maintain the personal information precise and up-to-date, and endeavor to take necessary and appropriate measures such as the update of system security, development of operational control systems, and the thorough training of the staff members to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction and alteration of acquired personal information.

Contact information

If you have questions relating to the protection of personal information by JASID, please contact us at the following:

JASID Secretariat Office

  • E-mail : hq[at] (replace [at] with @)

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