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Conference Information

Information of Conference Registration [Important: 6th Announcement]


The 24th JASID Spring Conference Organizing Committee is pleased to share some updates about the conference registration and program.

1. Conference Registration

You can now register and pay the participation fee via the website. Please register through the link below to apply for participation.

In addition, due to the mismanagements of the online payment and website management service providers that have contracted to build the website as well as the payment system, we apologize to inform you the registration procedure has been delayed about two weeks.

Therefore, we set the following two dates accordingly in order to have sufficient time for registration. Application deadlines as follows.
(i) Pre-registration by April 29 (Sat)
(ii) Final deadline for registration on May 14 (Sun)

▼Conference registration:

**Please note that payment is by credit card only.

2. Conference Program

A tentative version of the conference program has been uploaded to the website.

▼ Tentative Program (as of April 13)


3. Plenary Session

The program of the plenary session has also been uploaded to the website. This session will be organised in English only.

▼Plenary Session


4. Excursion Program

The details of the excursion program have also been uploaded to the website. Please note that you cannot apply to excursion separately from the conference registration. The application deadline for the excursion program is the same as the conference registration, May 14 (Sunday).

▼Information about Excursion


5. Message from the Chair of Conference Organising Committee

We are currently working closely with the Conference Organisation Committee in the main body of JASID to complete the screening process and prepare result notifications. We plan to send them out in late-April. Please give us some more days to complete the announcement. Additionally, please note that the submission deadline for paper is tentatively scheduled on May 19 (Friday).

Waiting an additional one month from that of Tokyo, we now have our sakura being fully bloomed in Akita. We will soon start to irrigate water to our paddy fields, set the base, and plant rice for this year. By the time the 24th JASID Spring Conference is held, nature in Akita will be fully in splashing greens, ranging from the light-yellowish to deep-dark green colour. I hope you will enjoy gathering for discussions among your peers in international cooperation and development, and have a chance to explore the nature of Akita this coming June. We look forward to receiving your applications!


The 24th Spring Conference Secretariat
Associate Professor. Shogo Kudo (Chair)
Akita International University

  • jasid2023springe [at] gmail.com (replace [at] with @)

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