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The Thankful Task of JASID activities The JASID’s general affairs commission tasks make the accounting materials (budget and settlement) and maintain regulations etc. In that sense, we can be said to be a commission that supports the activities of academic societies with JASID Secretariat. Members SEKIYA, Yuichi (Chair) IKEGAMI, Hiroshi HATSUKANO, Naomi


JASID Secretariat

Members HOSHINO, Akinari (Secretary General) OWA, Masumi SHIMAZU, Yuki For inquiries, please contact To contact the JASID Secretariat office, please use the form from the button below or send your inquiry to the following e-mail address. Contact Form Email Addresses hq [at] jasid.org jasid.org [at] gmail.com (replace [at] with @) Business Hours Tuesdays and Fridays (closed during long vacations) Postal Address JASID Secretariat c/o Institute of Developing Economies Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) 3-2-2...

[3rd Announcement] The 25th JASID Spring Conference: Extension of Deadline for Application of Membership and Presentation

In light of the delay in sending out the 2nd newsletter regarding the 25th JASID Spring Conference scheduled for June 15, we have extended the deadline for new member applications to March 7 (Thursday), and the deadline for submission of presentation applications has also been extended to March 25 (Mon). With these adjusted deadlines, new members can still have the opportunity to apply for membership in time to participate in presentation. Application period: 16...

JASID 25th Spring Conference: Announcement of the start of registration for presentations

[JASID conference] 25th Spring Conference of the Japan Society for International Development: Announcement of the start of registration for presentations. The 25th Spring Conference website is now open. Conference HP: https://confit.atlas.jp/guide/event/jasid2024spring/static/greeting We have started accepting presentation proposals. As in previous years, we welcome proposals for three types of presentations: (1) oral presentations, (2) poster presentations, and (3) special sessions/roundtables. Please find below detailed information regarding each of these presentation types. The language of presentation...

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Q: I am a full member but I become a graduate student.

Answer If you are a working adult enrolled in a graduate school, your membership status is Full Member, not Student Member. Full members who do not hold a full-time position are able to apply for reduced annual membership fee programme. Reference: Notice of Application for Dues Reduction for FY 2024 [D/L: 17th Sep.] If you do not have a job and are enrolled in a university, you can change your membership status to Student...

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Q: Paying multi-year membership fees

If you have two years of unpaid membership fees, you will need to complete the payment process for each invoice when you make your membership fee payment on your My Page. In “the Invoice / Payment Info” several invoices are listed, starting with the newest invoice. For this reason, just settling the first invoice does not mean that the full amount has been paid, so please ensure that there are no unpaid invoices remaining...

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Q: Is there a discount for disabled people?

Answer We do not offer a disability discount on annual membership fees. However, if you require ‘reasonable accommodation’ in participating in conference activities, please contact the JASID Secretariat Office. We will do our best to accommodate you. Contact JASID Secretariat

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Q: My Institution will Pay My Membership Fee Directly

A: If you do not wish to make online payment from your “My Page” due to payment by your institution, please refer to the URL below and send the money to the Japan Post Bank account of JASID. Note Please make sure that the name of the member or membership number can be recognized from the name of the payee and the remarks column. Please pay the bank transfer fee. If you wish to...

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Q: How do I transfer my membership fee?

Answer 会費のお支払いにかんする情報は、以下のページにてご覧いただけます。 本件にかんするお問い合わせ先 国際開発学会・本部事務局

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Q: I am no longer a student

Answer: 会員種別の判断は、毎年10月1日時点の在籍状況によって決定いたします。 毎年、学生会員の学籍確認の手続きについて、8月頃にメールをお送りしています。 大学院を修了された会員は、次年度の会員資格の変更手続きを行いますので、指定する方法で学籍を外れた旨を本部事務局までご連絡ください。 卒業年月直後に始まる学会の新年度(毎年10月1日)より、会員種別を正会員に変更させていただきます。会費の金額が変わりますのでご注意ください。 なお、修了後、常勤職を持たない会員におかれましては会費の減額制度がご利用頂けます。 この会費減額制度の利用には、募集期限内の本人による届出が必要になります。 期限内に届出がない場合は、通常の正会員としての会費をご請求いたします。 本件にかんするお問い合わせ先 国際開発学会・本部事務局

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Q: Cautions for payment of dues via bank check

Two methods of payment are available on “My Page”: credit card payment and online banking payment by bank check. However, bank checks are only available in Japan and cannot accept money transfers from overseas. For this reason, if you have selected bank check as your payment method when creating your invoice, please send money from overseas to JASID’s Japan Post Bank account, not to the bank check account number. Please refer to the following...

Notice of Application for Dues Reduction for FY 2023 [D/L: 25th Sep.]

The annual membership fee reduction program will be implemented for the fiscal year 2023. This programme will be applied only to those members who have applied for both full and student members and have been approved by the Executive Board of Directors. Application must be submitted to the JASID secretariat office within the application deadline. Members who wish to have their annual membership fee reduced for the fiscal year 2023 (from October 1, 2022), please...

[Important] Application for Membership Fee Reduction and Exemption

Dear JASID members, Thank you always for your support. We hope every member has been staying safe and healthy, while the COVID-19 has still affected the world. We have decided to offer reduced membership fees for FY2022 (October 2021 to September 2022) in consideration of the impact of COVID-19. However, please note that the application conditions have changed from last year ! 1. Eligibility for reduction and exemption Full member: Members who do not...

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Q: I forgot to pay my annual membership fee

Answer For credit card payments Payment can be made even if the due date on the invoice has passed. For bank checks payments If you have already been issued with a dedicated payee account number, you will not be able to use bank check payments if the account number has expired (within two weeks). If the expiry date has passed, please transfer the fees to the Society’s Japan Post account (a transfer fee will...



How to Become a Member JASID is an academic society with the aim of bringing together the knowledge and experience about development from multiple disciplines. We also aim to contribute to the development of human resources for further enrichment of research and practice in the field of international development. JASID is a vibrant association with experienced researchers and practitioners as well as young professionals and researchers.    Applications for membership are accepted at any time....