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Annual membership fees


会員マイページで会費支払をするとき、複数年度の会費に未払がある方は、年度ごと(請求書ごと)に決済手続きをする必要があります。 新しい請求書から順に複数の請求が表示されています、 このため、1件目の請求書の決済を済ませただけでは全額をお支払い頂いたことにはなりませんので、決済後に未払の請求書が残っていないことをご確認ください。

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A:当学会に年会費の障害者割引の制度はございません。 しかしながら、学会活動への参加において「合理的配慮」が必要な場合は、本部事務局にご相談ください。可能な限り対応してまいります。

Q: My Institution will Pay My Membership Fee Directly

A: If you do not wish to make online payment from your “My Page” due to payment by your institution, please refer to the URL below and send the money to the Japan Post Bank account of JASID. Note Please make sure that the name of the member or membership number can be recognized from the name of the payee and the remarks column. Please pay the bank transfer fee. If you wish to...

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Q: I am no longer a student

A: Members who have completed graduate school are required to change their membership status, so please tell the JASID Secretariat with the date and time of completion. Your membership type will be changed to full member from the new fiscal year of JASID that starts immediately after the completion of your graduate studies. Please note that the amount of membership fee will change. Even if full members who do not have a full-time job...

Q : I forgot to pay my annual membership fee

A: If you have chosen to pay by credit card, you can pay even after the due date on the invoice. If you have chosen to pay by bank check, you will not be able to pay after the expiration date of the account number after it is issued. If the expiration date has passed, please transfer the funds to the Japan Post Bank account of the JASID (fees will be charged). If you...