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Public Notice of the Election of Candidates for the Board of Directors [from May 9 to May 23]

Dear Members of the Japan Society for International Development This is an announcement from the Election Committee. The following election will be held to select candidates for the Category 1 Board of Directors, term 12, of the Japan Society for International Development (JASID). Please participate in the voting. 1. Election Period May 9th, 2023 (Tue) 8:00am ~ May 23rd (Tue) 17:00 (Japan time) 2. Electors and Candidates 1) Electors (those eligible to vote in...


Global Engagement

Expanding our networks in and beyond Asia Collaboration with foreign academic societies focusing on international development and international organizations; Publication of the international journal: Organization of international workshops KITAMURA, Yuto (Chair) OGISU,Takayo KONDOH, Hisahiro HANAI, Kazuyo MAEMURA Yu Oliver KIM, Soyeun

social affairs

Social Affairs

KAWAGUCHI, Jun (Chair) OHASHI, Masaaki OKAJIMA, Katsuki OGAWA, Keiichi SATO, Kan Hiroshi MICHINAKA, Maki KURODA, Kaori MANABE, Kiyotsugu


Election Administration

Vote is your Voice The election for the director candidates is held every three years in the Japan Society of International Development. All members, including student members, have the right to vote. Next election will be held in May 2023. The primary mission of the Election Administration Committee is to prepare and manage the Society’s election to be conducted in a fair and smooth manner for our members. Corresponding to the new slogan of...