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The 23rd JASID Spring Conference

【The 2nd Announcement】 We received many applications for our conference this year. All the applications were reviewed at the Conference Organization Committee on March. 27, and all the decisions were sent to the applicants. We would like to ask the applicants to confirm it. Seventeen sessions (community, education, children, development, NGO, SDGs, disaster, environment, society/economy etc.) will be held at the 23rd JASID Spring Conference: three organized sessions, seven roundtables, seven oral presentation sessions,...

Activity Report of the Research Group: ”Innovation and Development for Solving Social Problems” 

Research Group: ”Innovation and Development for Solving Social Problems”                   This research group (RG) was proposed last year to aim for discussing innovative approaches to tackle social problems, which are common in the world and need attention. The research topic also reflects on the theme of the 31st JASID Annual Conference, organized by Tsuda University, which commemorated its 120th anniversary in 2020; “Time for Change: Innovation for Inclusive Society”. Members consist of the Executive Chair,...

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Q: Can a non-member make presentation at the conference?

A: No. Only JASID members can make a presentation. However, non-members can report in the planning session and round table session, but only JASID members can submit the proposal of the planning or round table session. If you wish to make an oral presentation or a poster presentation in the conference, please submit your application by the end of July for the annual conference, or by the end of February for the spring conference....