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Q: Designate an overseas destination for postal items

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If you would like mail from JASID to be sent abroad, please go to your “My Page” and change your address.

You will need to devise a method of stating this.

A) Sent to my overseas affiliation address

Do NOT enter the information of your institution address, even if you are mailing to your institution.
Please provide the following information in English in the Home> Address > Address field.
-Name of your institution
-Address (including country and zip code)
*In some countries/regions, this may be a P.O. Box instead of an address.
ex.)Ms. JASID Hanako, JASID Secretariat Office, P.O. Box XXXX, XX Central Post Office, XX City, PHILIPPINES

B) Sent to my home address abroad.

ex.)Ms. JASID Hanako, XXth Floor, XXXX Tower, RCBC Plaza 0000 XXXX Avenue, XX City, PHILIPPINES

My Page Login


Change Address

Notes on international shipping

JASID also dispatches our journal through a contractor to members who live overseas.

However, due to international circumstances such as new coronavirus infections or the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or postal conditions in the recipient country, there may be cases where the postal item (the conference journal) sent out may not reach you.

For this reason, the JASID Secretariat Office will not be able to respond to any enquiries regarding undelivered journals sent overseas. Please be aware of this in advance.

Members living abroad who wish to stop receiving our journals should contact the JASID Secretariat Office.


the JASID Secretariat Office

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