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Q: Designate an overseas destination for postal items

Answer If you would like mail from JASID to be sent abroad, please go to your “My Page” and change your address. You will need to devise a method of stating this. A) Sent to my overseas affiliation address Do NOT enter the information of your institution address, even if you are mailing to your institution. Please provide the following information in English in the Home> Address > Address field. -Name -Name of your...

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Q: I haven’t received my postal parcel.

A: The journal is sent by “Kuroneko Mail” from the Journal Publication Centre. All other mail is sent via the post office. The following are some of the most common causes of non-delivery of postal items. Address description was incomplete. Please register the full address notation, including the room number, on your “My Page” for the mailing address. A great deal of mail is returned because there is no room number in the address....


[RG23-1] Gender and Development

The enhancement of gender equality and women’s empowerment is an important issue to be addressed by the global community. It is also the target of an independent goal, Goal 5, and considered from a cross-disciplinary perspective to tackle other goals in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The concept of ‘Gender and Development’ has been adopted since the 1970s. It has made women visible in the development field and raised awareness of gender issues in...

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Q: I’m Going Back Home Country

A: Even if you live in abroad, you can now continue to be active in various membership activities via the Internet. However, depending on your location, postal conditions may make it difficult for us to deliver paper copies of the journal. For this reason, when you move abroad, you may take the following procedures depending on your situation. Stop Sending Postal Mail All information provided by the academic societies can be obtained via the...


Workshop announcement: Getting published — A writing workshop for early career international development scholars

Workshop announcement: Getting published — A writing workshop for early career international development scholars ************************** Event Information Date: December 15, 2021 Time: 18:00-19:30 (Japan Standard Time) Venue: Online (a URL will be sent to registered participants) ************************** Do you want to publish your research in an international academic journal, but don’t know exactly how to start? Do you need more practice and practical guidance on your academic writing style? Join our workshop to receive...

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Q: I forgot to pay my annual membership fee

Answer For credit card payments Payment can be made even if the due date on the invoice has passed. For bank checks payments If you have already been issued with a dedicated payee account number, you will not be able to use bank check payments if the account number has expired (within two weeks). If the expiry date has passed, please transfer the fees to the Society’s Japan Post account (a transfer fee will...

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Q: Is there a system to suspend membership?

Answer A recess system has been in place since 2023. Only members with no outstanding dues are eligible for the scheme. It is possible to recess for up to four consecutive years. For more information, see the following page. We will announce on our mailing list when it is time to accept applications. Contact JASID Secretariat

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Q: How long does it take to be approved after applying for membership?

Answer 入会の可否は不定期に開催される「常任理事会」において審議されます。このため、入会可否の通知が届くまでには、申請のタイミングによって2~3カ月程度かかることもございます。 その後、初年度会費の支払・確認と会員番号の付与が完了してから会員サービスの享受が可能となります。このため、入会申込から会員資格を得るまでに最大4カ月ほどかかるとお考えください。 全国大会・春季大会での発表や、学会誌への投稿を検討されている方は、お早めに入会申請手続きをお済ませください。 申請後の手続きの流れについては、以下のページをご参照ください。 本件にかんするお問い合わせ先 国際開発学会・本部事務局


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[BO-4] KANSAI Branch

More than 20 years, the Japan Society for International Development (JASID) Kansai Branch has been aiming at promoting research activities on international development and cooperation by conducting a series of study sessions on different cutting-edge topics through an interdisciplinary approach. For each study session, we have invited first-hand researchers and practitioners on development studies as guest speakers. Especially in the past few years, we have conducted active discussions on issues related to human security,...


JASID Prize Selection

JASID Prizes and Poster Presentation Awards The prize selection committee is in charge of evaluation and selection on the JASID Prizes and the Poster Presentation Awards. JASID Prizes are categorized into Grand Prize, Encouragement Prize, Journal Paper Prize and Committee Special Award. Grand Prize is awarded to the distinguished book or monograph; Journal Paper Prize is awarded to an excellent paper published in an academic journal on the field of international development including the...