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Q:I don’t have the necessary recommender for membership

A: If you do not have a recommender, you can still be screened for membership. In this case, you may leave the “Recommender” field blank on the application form. However, please add the following information to your application for Full Member Upload a PDF file of your CV in the “Student ID” field (any format is acceptable). for Student Member Please provide the name and affiliation of your academic advisor and his/her email address...

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Q: I am on a leave of absence from university. Can I still enroll in JASID as a student member?

A: Every August, we ask student members to submit their student ID card to prove that they are students. At this time, they can continue their student membership if they submit a copy of a document that proves that they are on a leave of absence (e.g., a certificate of absence from school). Please note that you must remember to renew your membership every year until you return to school. If not submitted, you will...

Notice of Application for Dues Reduction for FY 2023 [D/L: 25th Sep.]

The annual membership fee reduction program will be implemented for the fiscal year 2023. This programme will be applied only to those members who have applied for both full and student members and have been approved by the Executive Board of Directors. Application must be submitted to the JASID secretariat office within the application deadline. Members who wish to have their annual membership fee reduced for the fiscal year 2023 (from October 1, 2022), please...

Check your membership status and Change of Membership Type

This is JASID Secretariat. Thank you for your cooperation. Today, we inform you of two important notices. Check Your Membership Status in FY2023 For Student members On October 1, JASID will have come a new finical year (FY2023). If you would like to continue the status of student member in FY 2023, please upload a copy of your current student ID card on a Google form “[JASID] Verification of Student Member Eligibility” as below...

Kansai Branch

More than 20 years, the Japan Society for International Development (JASID) Kansai Branch has been aiming at promoting research activities on international development and cooperation by conducting a series of study sessions on different cutting-edge topics through an interdisciplinary approach. For each study session, we have invited first-hand researchers and practitioners on development studies as guest speakers. Especially in the past few years, we have conducted active discussions on issues related to human security,...


The latest information will be posted on the conference official website. The 33rd General Assembly

Regional Engagement

Bridging Local and Global knowledge for community development We inspire researcher who are in geographically disadvantaged area and revitalize research and development activity through creating a platform for knowledge sharing for community development, connecting people who are interested in community development and international cooperation. SANO, Mayuko (Chair) UBUKATA, Fumikazu KAJI, Hideki KIMATA, Yoichiro KUDO, Shogo TATSUMI, Kazuko HAYASHI, Yutaka

Election Administration

Vote is your Voice The election for the director candidates is held every three years in the Japan Society of International Development. All members, including student members, have the right to vote. Next election will be held in May 2023. The primary mission of the Election Administration Committee is to prepare and manage the Society’s election to be conducted in a fair and smooth manner for our members. Corresponding to the new slogan of...