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The 25th JASID Spring Conference

Realizing International Cooperation and Interactive Co-creation in Local Context; Global & Glocal Human Resource Development We are excited to announce the 25th Spring Conference of the Japan Society for International Development (JASID), scheduled to be held at Utsunomiya University in Tochigi Prefecture. The theme is “Realizing International Cooperation and Interactive Co-creation in Local Context Global & Glocal Human Resource Development.” This event will focus on the practical aspects of international cooperation and co-creation, with...

[Obituary] Dr. Yumiko Tanaka

It is with great sadness and grief that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Yumiko Tanaka,JICA Senior Gender Advisor and Visiting Professor at Josai International University on September 26, 2023. Yumiko Tanaka has long been a valuable JASID member and active representative of the Gender and Development Research Group. Yumiko Tanaka served as Director of the Social Development Department, International Cooperation Specialist (Gender and Development), and Senior Gender Advisor at JICA. She...

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Q: I am a full member but I become a graduate student.

Answer If you are a working adult enrolled in a graduate school, your membership status is Full Member, not Student Member. Full members who do not hold a full-time position are able to apply for reduced annual membership fee programme. Reference: Notice of Application for Dues Reduction for FY 2024 [D/L: 17th Sep.] If you do not have a job and are enrolled in a university, you can change your membership status to Student...

The 34th JASID Annual Conference: Announcement of the start of registration for presentations [2nd Announcement]

The 34th Annual Conference website is now open! Conference HP: https://confit.atlas.jp/guide/event/jasid2023annual/top?lang=en We have started accepting presentation proposals. As in previous years, we welcome proposals for three types of presentations: (1) oral presentations, (2) poster presentations, and (3) special sessions/roundtables. Please find below detailed information regarding each of these presentation types. The language of presentation should be either Japanese or English. ★Proposal submission period: 5 July (Wed) – 5 August (Sat), 2023 (1) Oral presentation...

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Q: I am a member of JASID. However, I was told “You are not a member of JASID” when I submitted a paper or applied for the conference

Answer 入会を申し込んだだけでは学会員の資格を得たことにはなりません。 入会の申請後、常任理事会での審査を経て、初回の会費の支払い完了後に、会員番号が付与されてはじめて、在会者として会員サービスの利用が可能となります。 入会承認の通知が届いた後に初年度会費の支払がなされていないため、ステータスが「申請中」から変更になっていないケースがあります。 また、会費の滞納が続いたり、事務局がEメール・郵便のいずれでも当該会員と連絡が取れなくなったことにより退会処分となっている事例も散見されます。また、海外赴任等で会費の送金ができない期間があったなどで籍を失うケースもあります。 海外へ転出されるなどで学会活動を休止したい会員は、事前に休会手続きをお取りください。 本件にかんするお問い合わせ先 国際開発学会・本部事務局


Call for papers: 1st International Workshop on the Chinese Development Model (July 7-8, Barcelona, Spain) [for Members and Generals]

The Chinese Development and Modernization Experience: Defying mainstream economic theories to achieve unprecedented progress. Date: July 7-8, 2022 Venue: IQS School of Management, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain The purpose of this workshop is to assemble academic contributions addressing current opportunities and challenges to China’s National Economic and Social Development and Long-Term Objectives. It also aims to explore how ongoing and upcoming reforms will affect its future prosperity and global relations. The Conference will...


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Migration and Development

The research group aims to analyze the impacts of migration on the economic and human development in their home countries and destinations. Migration, both within and beyond national borders, is a broad concept that encompasses refugees or internally displaced persons of conflicts and natural disasters as well as those who move to seek opportunities of employment, education, or marriage at their own will. The impacts of migration have been discussed mostly in terms of...

KEIJI Branch

Director: Matsuo WATANABE (Ritsumeikan University) In Kyoto-Shiga region, universities specialized in international cooperation and development issues are highly concentrated. The researchers and practitioners form clusters of their own, but this is not necessarily reflected in the development and expansion of JASID’s activities. The Keiji Branch is intended to provide opportunities for information sharing, discussion, research study for a wide range of people interested in development and international cooperation in the region by promoting cooperation...


JASID Prize Selection

JASID Prizes and Poster Presentation Awards The prize selection committee is in charge of evaluation and selection on the JASID Prizes and the Poster Presentation Awards. JASID Prizes are categorized into Grand Prize, Encouragement Prize, Journal Paper Prize and Committee Special Award. Grand Prize is awarded to the distinguished book or monograph; Journal Paper Prize is awarded to an excellent paper published in an academic journal on the field of international development including the...