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Poverty Reduction

Social and Solidarity Economy

Just as Goal 10 of the SDGs is “eradication of inequality”, “widening inequality” has become a major issue in the international community in the 21st century, and one of the causes is “expansion of globalization by capitalist economy” or “expansion of globalization by capitalism”. We think about the view that there is a “prevalence of market capitalism” is deep-rooted. If the cause of “increasing inequality” lies in the “capitalist economy,” then “correcting” or “substituting”...

Migration and Development

The research group aims to analyze the impacts of migration on the economic and human development in their home countries and destinations. Migration, both within and beyond national borders, is a broad concept that encompasses refugees or internally displaced persons of conflicts and natural disasters as well as those who move to seek opportunities of employment, education, or marriage at their own will. The impacts of migration have been discussed mostly in terms of...

Ethical Agri-food Systems and Rural Development

Ethical agri-food systems and rural development Poverty alleviation is placed as the first object in the SDGs as well as in the MDGs. Most impoverished people are peasants in the Global South. Accordingly, the SDGs put a high priority on rural development. However, it is difficult for peasants to get out of poverty under the current global agri-food system. Although Fair Trade (FT) has a potential to solve such difficulty by providing an alternative...