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Q: I am on a leave of absence from university. Can I still enroll in JASID as a student member?

A: Every August, we ask student members to submit their student ID card to prove that they are students. At this time, they can continue their student membership if they submit a copy of a document that proves that they are on a leave of absence (e.g., a certificate of absence from school). Please note that you must remember to renew your membership every year until you return to school. If not submitted, you will...

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Q: Is there a system to suspend membership?

A: We have decided to introduce a self-suspension system starting in FY2023. Only members who have no unpaid membership fees will be eligible to take advantage of this system. It is possible to take a leave of absence for up to four consecutive years. The following membership services will be suspended during the self-suspension period Mailing of the “Journal of International Development Studies” Distribution of ML Conference application and presentation Right to vote in...