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Resilience of Development and SDGs

The former research division named JASID-SDGs has finished its activity in success to examine “Transformation of the world: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development”, including sustainable development and “sustainable development targets (SDGs)” based on multi-disciplinary academic perspectives, as a leading academic society for international development and cooperation. The newly formed research group will inherit the result and network of JASID-SDGs and additionally, it will consider the concept of resilience as the significance topic of...

Development and Nutrition Improvement

Contributing factors of malnutrition is diverse, including food insecurity (increased food demand due to global population growth, decrease in agricultural productivity, and rising crop demand for crop speculation), insufficient and inappropriate food intake, lack of nutritional knowledge and information, infectious diseases by poor sanitation, limited access to health services, and constraints to raise household income for the poor. The importance of addressing malnutrition multisectorally have been previously recognized, however, several obstacles have hindered the...