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Conference Information

JASID 25th Spring Conference: Announcement of the start of registration for presentations

[JASID conference] 25th Spring Conference of the Japan Society for International Development: Announcement of the start of registration for presentations.

The 25th Spring Conference website is now open.

Conference HP:

We have started accepting presentation proposals.

As in previous years, we welcome proposals for three types of presentations: (1) oral presentations, (2) poster presentations, and (3) special sessions/roundtables. Please find below detailed information regarding each of these presentation types. The language of presentation should be either Japanese or English.

★Proposal submission period:
16 February (Fri) – 25 March 2024 (Mon)

(1) Oral presentation

A JASID member can propose and deliver an oral presentation, either individually or as part of a group. It is preferable for co-researchers, regardless of whether they are presenting, to be members of the Society.
Each presentation is allocated a duration of 20 minutes.

(2) Poster presentation

A JASID member can share research findings in a poster format, either individually or as part of a group. The presenter can interact with the audience in a more informal style compared to a formal oral presentation.

The poster will be displayed at a location and time designated by the conference organizer.

(3) Special session and round table

A JASID member can propose and organize a “special session” consisting of multiple presentations focused on a specific theme. It is required to propose one chairperson and two commentators for the session. Non-JASID members are allowed to present, provided they can offer significant contributions to the session. The duration of the session is two hours.

When submitting a proposal, the convenor is requested to submit an abstract for the session as well as abstracts for each individual presentation.

A JASID member can propose and organize a “roundtable” which is characterized by active discussion among presenters and attendees on a specific topic. Non-JASID members are welcome to present, provided they contribute valuable insights to the roundtable discussion. The duration for this session is also set for two hours. When submitting a proposal, the convenor is requested to submit an abstract of the proposed roundtable.

Submission of individual presentation abstracts is optional.

1. Proposal submission

All the relevant information regarding the proposal submission can be found on the conference’s homepage. If you are interested in presenting your paper at the conference, kindly review the details carefully and proceed with a submission.

   ★Information about proposal submission:

The eligibility criteria for presenters vary depending on the presentation category. Please refer to the relevant information provided below (in Japanese).

Here is some information regarding the eligibility criteria for presenters.
Current Society members: As of 25 March, the last day of the presentation application period, the payment of the annual membership fee up to the year 2023 must be shown as “paid” in SMOOSY.
If you have not yet paid the membership fee, please apply after paying the membership fee from:

New members: Must have completed their membership application by 7th March 2024 (Thursday). The payment of annual membership fees for the year up to and including FY2023 must be shown as ‘paid’ in SMOOSY by March 25, the closing date of the presentation application period.
For more details, please visit

2. Where to submit your proposal

Proposals must be submitted online via the URL provided below.

You need to create an account to submit a proposal. If you presented a paper at the 2022, 2023 Annual Conference or the 2023 Spring Conference, you should already have an account. Please follow the instructions at the URL below to create your proposal or to access your account.

For submission, please use the same email address registered on your JASID My Page. The submission site is linked to the membership information on My Page. By using the same email address, you will not need to provide information such as your name and affiliation when you register.

If you prefer to choose an online presentation, please select “online presentation” during the submission process.

   ★URL for proposal (abstract) submission:

3. Conference format

Following the 2023 Spring Conference in Akita and the 34th Annual Conference, the 25th Spring Conference is scheduled to be conducted in-person (not in a hybrid format).

Some of the parallel sessions will be held entirely online. We will accommodate remote participation in these sessions as much as possible and as necessary.

If you wish to participate in an online session at the conference site, you will be required to bring your own computer or tablet.

4. Participation in the conference

Registration to attend the conference is set to open in early April.

The conference registration fee can only be paid online using a credit card.

Printed copies of the conference proceedings will not be distributed to attendees. However, those who have registered and paid the fee will gain advance online access to the Proceedings before the conference.

5. Schedule

★Deadline for presentation applications: 25 March 2024 (Monday) (strictly enforced)
・Participation registration opens: Early April
・Notification of acceptance/rejection results: Late April
・Deadline for participation registration: 15 May 2024
・Deadline for submission of report papers: 22 May 2024


Kumiko Sakamoto (Utsunomiya University),
Chair, The 25th JASID Spring Conference Organising Committee

Executive Directors:
Fujii Hiroshige (Associate Professor, School of International Studies, Utsunomiya University)
Iizuka Akiko (Associate Professor, Utsunomiya University International Exchange Center)

Executive Committee:
Arjon Sugit (Assistant Professor, School of International Studies, Utsunomiya University)

  • jasid2024spring [at] gmail.com(replace [at] with @)

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