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  3. [7th Report] 25th JASID Spring Conference: Reasonable accommodations, Infection Prevention, Childcare Facilities, Prayer Room Availability, etc.


Conference Information

[7th Report] 25th JASID Spring Conference: Reasonable accommodations, Infection Prevention, Childcare Facilities, Prayer Room Availability, etc.

In order to allow as many people as possible to participate in this event, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations, including accessible information for individuals with disabilities.

Our goal is to ensure wide participation, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation as presenters and attendees in facilitating these accommodations★.

Additionally, we have compiled details on infection prevention strategies and childcare facilities available during the event; please consult this information (also available on the conference website).

1. Reasonable accommodations

★Ensuring Information Accessibility in Presentation

We ask all presenters at this conference to cooperate in ensuring
information accessibility.

Please read the information at the link below and prepare presentation materials accordingly.


Should you require specific accommodations to participate in the Spring
Conference, please confirm the following site and kindly inform the
Conference Executive Committee and JASID Reasonable Accommodation Working Group by 15 May.

A representative from the Reasonable Accommodation Working Group
(see page below) will then contact you directly.

2. Measures against infectious diseases, prevention of passive smoking, chemical sensitivity, etc.

This conference will primarily be in-person, excluding one session. The organizing committee is implementing the following measures to ensure a safe event. We ask for your cooperation in holding a safe and secure conference.

[For all participants]

As a preventive measure against infectious diseases, please check your body temperature and make sure you are feeling well before visiting. If you have a fever (37.5 degrees or higher) or feel unwell, experiencing symptoms, please refrain from coming to the venue, regardless of whether you are positive or negative for an infectious disease.

★Smoking is completely prohibited inside Utsunomiya University.
Please refrain from smoking to prevent passive smoking. Also, to prevent chemical sensitivity, please refrain from using artificial fragrances.

[For in-person presenters]

If you are unable to attend due to illness or any other circumstances that require you to be absent, please promptly notify the conference secretariat and the commentator/chair.

However, please note that if you are unable to attend for any reason, you will be absent. It is not possible to switch to online presentation. Additionally, video recorded presentations will not be accepted as it will not be possible to ask questions on the spot.

[For commentators]

If you are unable to attend due to illness, please update the event
secretariat and contact the chairperson. If you have prepared your comments in writing in advance, please send them to the chairperson. If only oral comments are scheduled, please make arrangements within the subcommittee, such as asking the chairperson to provide comments in your place.

[For Chairperson]

If you are unable to attend due to poor health, please send an email to the conference secretariat and make arrangements within the session, such as contacting the commentators and asking them to serve as moderators and facilitators.

On-Site Measures and Protocols:

In order to prevent infectious diseases and chemical sensitivity, the host has selected a room that is relatively spacious, easily ventilated, and relatively less chemical substances. Although it varies from person to person, we believe that a certain number of people with chemical
sensitivities can participate with some peace of mind. The venue will be regularly ventilated, and hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance. Wearing a mask is at individual discretion.

4. Regarding childcare and kids room usage

We would like to inform you of three ways to use the childcare and kids’
room on Saturday, 15 June.

a) On campus nursery use

On campus, you can use the Utsunomiya University Manabinomori Nursery School (https://www.manabinomorihoikuen.org/), which is located within a 5-minute walk from the conference venue.

Children aged 0 to 6th grade are eligible. The usage fee is 5,000 to 6,000 JPY depending on age, of which 5,000 JPY will be subsidized by JASID*. Please check the details in the usage guide below and apply by Wednesday, 15 May.

Instructions for using the on-campus nursery school:

b) Use of off-campus nursery school

For those who use an off-campus nursery school, the society will provide a subsidy of up to 5,000 JPY*.

Participants are responsible for applying for and contacting nursery schools on their own. If you would like receive subsidy from JASID, please apply by Wednesday, 15 May using the link below.

Participants will make a reservation at the nursery school where they will leave their child, receive a receipt from the nursery school on the day of the event, and submit it to the conference reception desk to receive a subsidy of up to 5,000 JPY.

Application for off-campus nursery school usage assistance:

*Subsidy for on-campus and off-campus childcare in a and b above will be available to the first 10 people. The deadline is 15 May, but please apply early.

c) Kids room (rest area for children)

The tea room on the second floor of the University Hall, which is the
conference venue, will be open to the public as a kids’ room.

Although there are no childcare workers, users are free to use the facilities for napping, breastfeeding, etc. under their own responsibility. Each child must prepare their own nap mat, toys, etc.

There is no need to apply for this service in advance, and you can use it freely on the day.

5. Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is located on the 1st floor of Building 4, which is the
convention venue. There is no need to apply in advance, but since this is a unisex small room, you cannot use it if someone is already using it.

Keys will be handed out at the event reception, so please contact reception on the day of the event.


International Development Society 25th Spring Conference Executive Committee
Executive Committee Chairperson: Kumiko Sakamoto (Utsunomiya University)

  • Secretariat email address: jasid2024spring [at] gmail.com
  • Reasonable Accommodation Working Group email address: reasonable_accommodation [at] jasid.org

In both cases, replace [at] with @.

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