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Journal of International Development Studies

Journal of International Development Studies [First issue]

Special Contribution: The Report of the South Commission

Saburo Ohkita

Towards the International Development Science

Masaru Saito

The comparative Advantage of Trade Structure in the Context of an Input-Output Table

—the Cases of the East Asian Economies

Teruyuki Iwasaki

Forecast of Food Security and International Cooperation in Asian-Pacific Region

Takahiko Haseyama

Capability Building for Development Management

— Paradigm and Operational Principles (in English)

Nagamine Haruo

From Development Planning to Development Management

—the Necessity of Paradigm Shift

Kunimasa Nishigaya

Approaches to Development and Environmental Management

Masahiro Nakashima

A Case Study of Investment Project Financed by JICA

Michimasa Numata

Urban Management in Asian Metropolises

Hideaki Hoshina

Roles of Official Flows in Development Finance

— their Concepts and Introduction of Official Development Finance (ODF)

Masaaki Horiguchi

Audit of Japanese ODA

— Legal and Political Issues (in English)

Junji Nakagawa

The Study of Development Assistance as a Practical Policy Science

— A Preliminary Examination towards an Administrative Approach

Kazumi Goto

A Mechanism for Continuous National and World Economic Development

— A Philosophy to be the Backbone of International Coordination and Cooperation (in English)

Masayoshi Shimizu

Toward an Improved Development Education

Osamu Yasuda, Hiroko Kojima and Mayumi Ohtsuka

Water Supply and Demand in Egypt and the Shortage of the Nile Flow

Hiroshi Dohihara

Social Molecular Structure and its Relationship with Creation and Development

Shigekazu Inoue

Cooperation with Marketization

— Recommendation of Financing System for Telecommunication Development

Kihachiro Muramatsu