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Journal of International Development Studies

Journal of International Development Studies Vol. 3


Urban Environment and Development

Tomonori Matsuo

The Historical and Structural Analysis of the Experience of Japanese Women in Rural Development


Yoshiko Taniguchi, Akira Namae, Kumiko Nose, Yoko Fujinaga, Reiko Murayama, and Yoshie Yamazaki

Eight Proposals for the Improvement of Education/ Training of Talented People from Developing Countries by Japan.

Junji Nakagawa

Development Management

Atushi Koyama

A Comparative Study on Official Development Assistance by Major Industrial Countries

Shuntaro Shishido, and Naonobu Minato

Importance of Complete Interface with External Conditions of Development Cooperation Systems

Kihachiro Muramatsu

A Study on Evolution of Urban Planning Theories for Developing Countries

Seisuke Watanabe

The Current Situation of Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia

Hiroshi Tsushima

Overseas Business Strategies of Japanese Companies over the Short/ Medium Term and the New “Globalization” of Them in the Long Term

Shigeki Tejima

Changes in Capital Flows in East Asia

Akira Kohsaka

Asian Migration: Analysis of the Recent Labor Migration into Japan in the Context of the Worldwide Mass Movement of Asian Workers

(in English)

Yoko Tanaka

The Sustainable Development and Economic Policy in Nepal

Seigo Tsujii

Diversification of Agricultural Production and Regional Specialization in Far East Asian Regions

— Comparative Study on Rep. of Korea and Taiwan

Keishiro ltagaki

Agricultural Development and Efforts towards Improvements in Environment

— Comments from the Survey in Luliang District, the Loess Plateau, China

Hiroyuki Nishimura

An Analysis of Structural Problems in the Development of Amazon Region

— Positive and Negative Effects of the Carajás Mine Development

Masayoshi Nagasawa

From Grass-Root International Exchange to Participatory International Co-operation

— A Case-study about Karamosia Movement in South Kyusyu

Osamu Watanabe

Influence and Experience of NGOs in the Development and Reconstruction of Cambodia

Sakae Motohashi

Participatory Development vs Self-controlled Development by the People

Tatsuya Watanabe

NGO Activities in the Philippines from Viewpoint of “Woman in Development”

Mayumi Kubota, and Kenichi Kubota

Refugees and Development

— Ideas and Its Interrelationships

Koichi Koizumi

Development Doctrine & Management in China

Mitsuhiro Tanimura

Regional Planning Theory as Introduction

— Pattern, and Process

Junichi Watanabe

Role of Engineering Graduate Education and Engineering Society for Industrial Development

Tomoya Shibayama, and Fumio Nishino

Technology Transfer: The Case of Transferring the Japanese Management System to Asia

Masamichi Ogawa

Integrated Development Analysis in the Third World: Paradigm and Methodologies

— GSID’s Experience in the Overseas Fieldwork (in English)

Haruo Nagamine

Economic Development and Capital Transfer between Agriculture and Industry

Kageaki Yamashita

Ways and Means: How to Simplify Shadow Pricing of Non – Tradable Goods of Projects for Economic Cost Benefit Analysis

Schunichi Hiraki

Which Projects Should Be Financed by ODA?

— A Linkage Theory between Shadow Price, Price Distortion and lncome Flow

Tomomichi Yoshikawa

Diversity, Participation and Market Economy

Haruo Nagamine