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Journal of International Development Studies Vol. 4


Rethinking the HOME-LIVING-IMPROVEMENT Movement of the Rural Women in Postwar Japan

Yoshie Yamazaki, Yoshiko Taniguchi, Akira Namae, Kumiko Nose, Yoko Fujinaga, and Reiko Murayama

Side-effects of Development Aid

—Spoil and Jelousy

Hiroshi K. Sato

The Lessons of East Asia’s “Miraculous Development”

(in English)

Sayed Ghazanfar Sabeh

The Telephone Density as One of the Most Fundamental Economic Development lndexes of a Country

Kihachiro Muramatsu

Regional Planning Theory as Introduction

—Social Science

Junichi Watanabe

Industrialization and their Environmental Restriction of Asia and the Perspective for Emancipation Measure of Industrial Policy

— In Case of Malaysia

Hajime Oshitani

Development and Environment in East Asia: Establishing a Region-wide Network of Cities with Heavy Industries

Masafumi Nagao, and Hitoshi Yoshida

The Method of Analysis of Structural Problems in Development

Masayoshi Nagasawa

Voluntary Repatriation of Refugees during Conflicts and Development Assistance

— In Search of a Desirable Link between the Two

Koichi Koizumi

Developmental Dynamism of Food Processing Industry in East Asian Region

Keishiro Itagaki

Review on the Trial of Sustainable Agricultural Development in Laos

Hiroyuki Nishimura

How to Do the Economic Cost Benefit Analysis of Environment Related Project

Schunichi Hiraki

Implementing WID in Japanese ODA

Yukiko Oda

A Gender Planning Training

— The Case of the Philippines

Mayumi Kubota

Women’s Empowerment in NGO Activities

— A Small Loan Project in Rural Philippines

Kennichi Kubota

Human Resources for Development Cooperation: Policy Proposals from the Graduate Students

Masato Noda, and Jun Saito

Framework of Economic Development and Education

Ryoichi Iwauchi

Economic Evaluation of Vocational Education in Thailand

Shin-ichiro Tanaka, and Yuichiro Motomura

The Complementary Effects of Government Development Assistance to Industrial Development

Masamichi Ogawa

Methods for Improving Bank Activities in Mongolia

Yasunaga Takachiho


— Challenges to a Market Economy (in English)

Osamu Yasuda

Development of Rural Industrial Zone in China

Gu Lin Sheng

Why Third World Fails to Develop: the Case of Myanmar

(in English)

Maung Maung Lwin

A Study of Indiginization of Human Resource Management and OJT of Oversea Japanese Enterprises

— The Case of Japanese Enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia

Shoko Sawaki

The Civil Engineering Technology Transfer in Asian Countries

Yukihiko Sumiyoshi, Katsura Hirabayashi, and Yasushi Tanaka

The Civil Engineering Contribution to Economic and Social Development in Modern Japan

Yukihiko Sumiyoshi, Katsura Hirabayashi, and Yasushi Tanaka

Japanese FDI Which Had Changed the Structure of Japanese Companies International Networks in Asia and in the World

Shigeki Tejima

Decision-Making Process of Japan’s ODA

(in English)

Katsuhiko Mori

Towards Building Up an Open and Transparent Decision Making Process of ODA Policies

— An Application of Project Cycle Management Technique

Hiroya Ichikawa, and Aiko Sakurai

Performance of Structural Adjustment Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

Koichi Sakamoto

The New Challenges for the World Bank Group

(in English)

Satoshi Sunamura

Sustainable Development and NGOs

Satoko Mori

NGOs’ Project Evaluation

—In a Case of Shapla Neer

Masaaki Ohashi

Formation of the Vitalization of Rural Community and Transcultural Exchange in the Transnationalization

— Analysis of the Early Stage of Karamosia Movement

Osamu Watanabe

Why South Korea’s Growth Has Shrunk Due to Subordinate Growth

Byung Woo Mean

Democracy for Sustainable Development

— Successful Authoritarian Development in the East Asian Nations

Motoyoshi Suzuki

Integrated Development Analysis and Proposals Formulation

— GSID-Nagoya University Approach and FASID-led PCM Method Compared

Mitsuhiro Tanimura, and Haruo Nagamine

Sustainable Development and Environment in Nepal

Seigo Tsujii

The Formative Process of Sustainable Development Regimes

Mikoto Usui

Early Warning System to Prevent Massive Migration and its Application in Asia

Akiko Domoto

Asian Economic Growth, Environment and Food Problems

Takahiko Haseyama

Perestroika; the Lost 2500 Days

—Transition to the Market Economy through Destruction and Creation (in English)

Osamu Yasuda