[RG19-1] Migration and Development

The research group aims to analyze the impacts of migration on the economic and human development in their home countries and destinations. Migration, both within and beyond national borders, is a broad concept that encompasses refugees or internally displaced persons of conflicts and natural disasters as well as those who move to seek opportunities of employment, education, or marriage at their own will.

The impacts of migration have been discussed mostly in terms of economic development, particularly its contribution to poverty alleviation through the migrants’ foreign remittance to their home countries. However, the on-going discussion is not sufficient to analyze both the negative and the positive aspects of the migration.

Its negative impacts may include the so-called brain drain, the excessive dependency of households and national economies on the foreign remittance, the disintegration of families, and the underdevelopment of local industries in their home countries. In the present era of global migration, it is no longer realistic or feasible to “develop a community to prevent its members from migration.”

This research group instead starts with accepting migration as an inevitable reality and attempts to seek the potential of migration that contribute to the development of people and societies both in their home countries and destinations.