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[ IMPORTANT ] Membership Fee Request for FY2022.


Dear JASID members,

This is JASID Secretariat. Thank you for your cooperation to JASID.
The new fiscal year has started on October 1. We would like to inform you about the billing of membership fees for the fiscal year 2022 (October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022).
Please check the following carefully as there will be some important changes to the timing and methods of payment.


■Billing of membership fees from FY 2022

– JASID’s fiscal year and the public’s fiscal year are half a year apart. As a result, some members did not pay their fees until April of the following year even though they received the bill of membership fee in October. Therefore, from this fiscal year, JASID Secretariat will charge the annual membership fee in every April as a general rule.

– With the above change, JASID Secretariat plans to charge the 2022 membership fee around April 10, 2022. We will announce the date upon our decision.
However, if you need to pay the membership fee by March for any special reason, please contact the JASID Secretariat.


■Methods for Membership fee payment

– As a general rule, the membership fee payment method is the online payment at ‘Invoice/Payment Info’ page after log-in your ‘My Page’ (https://jasid.smoosy.atlas.jp/mypage/login). You can choose to make payments via credit card or bank transfer, with no transaction charge. Credit card payment has been set as the default when updating to the new system. If bank transfer is more convenient for you, please change it from ‘Change Next Payment Method’ page under ‘My Information’ When your institution pays the membership fee, please select credit card payment by the end of March 2022. When you download the invoice, the account information is written on the invoice.

■Membership fee for 70 years old and over

The JASID Board decided the membership fee for members over 70 years old will be halved from this fiscal year. To apply this, we need your birthday. Although we have already sent emails and letters to the eligible members, please let us know your birthday.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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