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Articles of Agreement of Japan Society for International Development

*This English version of the Articles of Agreement of JASID is an excerpt from the Japanese version of the Articles of Agreement of JASID.


The Japan Society for International Development (JASID) is a a cross-sectional and inter-disciplinary academic society that tries to bring together knowledge and experience about development issues from multiple disciplines such as economics, management, political science, law, sociology, anthropology, agriculture, education, technology, and medicine, etc. We also aim to contribute to the human resource development in the field of international development through our academic activities.
The highest decision-making body of JASID is the General Assembly of all members. The Board of Directors, which consists of 35 directors, is organized under the General Assembly to determine annual activities and procedures. The Executive Board acts as the administrative body of JASID. Each member of the Executive Board chairs a designated committee organized for specific purposes.

Membership categories (Annual Fee)

  • Full member (10,000Yen)
  • Student member (5,000Yen)

*JASID’s fiscal year begins on Oct. 1st each year and ends on September 30th of the following year.

Application for Admission

Application for membership is accepted at any time.
Those who want to be a JASID member is encouraged to visit JASID membership register page (https://jasid.smoosy.atlas.jp/admission), click to English on the upper right side, read ‘Agreement’, check ‘agree’ box, click on ‘Register’ button and proceed to the next step.


JASID Secretariat
3-2-2 Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-8545, JAPAN
E-mail: jasid.org [at] gmail.com, or hq [at] jasid.org (replace [at] with @)
Website: https://www.jasid.org/