4. Development and Business




Development and Business

In the era of SDGs, the actors involved in development activities in Global South are increasing from international organizations, aid agencies, and NGOs, to large and small private companies. In this study group of Development and Business will pay particular attention to Japanese SME actors (including large companies and multinational companies in some cases), and how private companies can contribute to solving “development problems / social problems in developing countries”. We will focus on specific SME examples of these directions. Since 2010, subsidies from JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency), JETRO(Japan External Trade Organization), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,(METI) and international organizations (UNDP, IFC, etc.) have already been provided to BOP business, inclusive business, etc. Many reports of specific cases have been collected. In addition, the Institute of Developing Economies conducted a short-term intensive training program on “development and business” twice in FY2016 and FY2017, and examined the case studies of companies. The Study group will actively collect not only these famous cases that are already known, but also small and medium-sized cases for which a business model has not yet been formed. Using these case studies as clues, we would like to extract theoretical and practical key issues related to “business and development” from a broader perspective. In the course of the study group’s activity, we would like to report the progress of the research at the annual conference of the JASID, and also propose the special issue of “ Journal of International Development Studies”. We hope, after three years activity, to publish a volume of textbook on “Development and Business” in Japanese covering both business interests and developmental achievements.

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