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[RG24-2] ICT for Development (ICT4D)

Over recent years, the international development sector has witnessed a rise in ICT-related projects, including digital transformation (DX) and innovation. This trend, driven by a significant increase in cooperation between public and private sectors, has resulted in transformative social changes catalyzed by digital tools and an increase in ICT applications in varied sectors, such as business, education, and peacebuilding. However, challenges are also accumulating, including ethical issues related to AI, information management and censorship,...

[RG24-5] Bridging Theory and Practice in Educational Development

This research group aims to reimagine the field of International Educational Development by bridging theory and practice. It intends to do two main activities: 1) facilitating a series of dialogue between next generation scholars and practitioners in this field to better understand each other; and 2) proposing new image of the field through collaborative explorations of the past and current experiences. The research team has already launched an informal study group last year, where...