3. Exploring Local Community Development in View of Market-State-Community Relations


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Exploring Local Community Development in View of Market-State-Community Relations

Under the s way of growth fetishism’ resulting in development practices that infringe up on our biosphere ’s limits and human wellbeing, there has been a surge of interest in local community development. It is plausible, with recourse to community based approaches, to envision a road map to the establishment of a green and caring economy because, in a local community , people are normally positioned to use locally available resources in a more sustainable and equitable manner, while their top most priority is to balance material goals against their non material wellbeing arising from social contentment and environmental conservation.

This rese arch project is aimed at bringing to light potential roles of state and market forces in promoting local community development. Instead of positing a dichotomy between state interventions and local autonomy, or between marketization and local self-reliant activities, efforts will be made to elucidate synergies that can be forged between the state or wider market and community-based activities.

This research strategy has been adopted in view of “deterritorialization” that local communities are typically going through; community residents have been building extensive social networks beyond their own localities Research findings will be disseminated in regular meetings as well as at the JASID conferences. Results will be published in the JASID journal and in the form of a co-authored book.