Q: I am a full member but I become a graduate student.


If you are a working adult enrolled in a graduate school, your membership status is Full Member, not Student Member.

Full members who do not hold a full-time position are able to apply for reduced annual membership fee programme.

Reference: Notice of Application for Dues Reduction for FY 2024 [D/L: 17th Sep.]

If you do not have a job and are enrolled in a university, you can change your membership status to Student Member from the next year by following the procedures below.

However, student members are subject to various restrictions on academic activities that are not required of regular members (e.g., conference presentations, paper submissions, etc.).

For this reason, we recommend that you continue to be a full member as long as possible.

Application Procedure

  • The screening will be held once a year in September (the results will be notified in October).
  • The application submission period will be announced in August on our mailing list and in our newsletter.
  • Please apply through the designated application form URL that will be included in the mailing list
  • After review by the Executive Board, the membership will be changed to student membership from the following year.

Criteria to decide

Membership categories are determined by affiliation as of October 1 of each year.

ex. 1)Enrollment in April 2023

  1. Complete the application process by August 2023 (submit a copy of your student ID card/proof of enrollment)
  2. Review by the Executive Board of Directors
  3. Switch to student membership in FY2024 (from October 2023)
  4. Annual membership fee invoices issued in April 2024 will change to student membership rates.

ex. 2)Enrollment in October 2023

  1. Complete the application process by the end of August 2023 (submit letter of admission in lieu of proof of enrollment)
  2. Review by the Executive Board of Directors
  3. Switch to student membership in FY2024 (from October 2023)
  4. Submit a copy of your student ID or proof of enrollment by October 2023
  5. Annual membership fee invoices issued in April 2024 will change to student membership rates


In the case of a change of membership status from full member to student member, if the application is not submitted by the deadline, the change of membership status to student member for the following year will NOT be accepted.

If you are unable to arrange for the documents to confirm your student registration in time by the deadline, please contact the JASID secretariat office before the deadline.


the JASID secretariat office

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Q: I’m Going Back Home Country

A: Even if you live in abroad, you can now continue to be active in various membership activities via the Internet.

Member Benefits

However, depending on your location, postal conditions may make it difficult for us to deliver paper copies of the journal. For this reason, when you move abroad, you may take the following procedures depending on your situation.

Stop Sending Postal Mail

All information provided by the academic societies can be obtained via the Internet. The JASID journal can also be viewed on our website or on J-stage.

The Journal of International Development Studies (in Japanese)

Due to the unstable postal situation, we request that members residing overseas either stop sending postal mail or set up a domestic mailing address.

Please use the form below to notify us of any changes to your address.

Change Your Address

Confirmation of Payment Method of Membership Fee

Even if you live overseas, you can pay your membership fee by credit card on your “My Page”. If you have selected bank check, we ask that you change your payment method to credit card.

You can also send money from your account in Japan to the JASID’s Japan Post Bank account. For members who do not have overseas payment methods, please contact the JASID Secretariat.

Using Recess System

The recess system will be available beginning in fiscal year 2023. This system is available only to members who not have unpaid membership fees.

Please contact the JASID Secretariat for details.

Q: Is there a system to suspend membership?

Q: I am no longer a student











Q: I am on a leave of absence from university. Can I still enroll in JASID as a student member?

A: Every August, we ask student members to submit their student ID card to prove that they are students. At this time, they can continue their student membership if they submit a copy of a document that proves that they are on a leave of absence (e.g., a certificate of absence from school).

Please note that you must remember to renew your membership every year until you return to school. If not submitted, you will become a regular member from the following year. In addition, from the FY2023 (October 2022), we have established a self-suspension system, so you may use it.

For working students, we ask that you join as a full member. If you have any questions, please contact the JASID Secretariat.