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Overall planning and management Members YAMADA, Shoko (Chair) MATSUMOTO, Satoru OGUNI, Kazuko JASID Reasonable Accommodation Working Group (WG) YAMAGATA, Tatsufumi (Chair) OGUNI, Kazuko KAWAGUCHI, Jun DOBASHI, Yoshito MORI, Soya JASID Talent Recommendation Working Group (WG) ITO, Sanae (Chair) TAKAHASHI, Motoki YAMAGATA, Tatsufumi

Measures to support JASID members with children who plan to attend the spring and annual meetings

The Japan Society for International Development (JASID) wishes to promote vigorous research activities by members with diverse backgrounds and needs. Based on this principle, we accept members to enter session rooms with children to make presentations or to participate in discussion, on condition that due efforts are made not to interfere with the progress of the session significantly. In order to create an enabling environment for members raising children, at each of the spring...