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Q: Is there a system to suspend membership?

Answer A recess system has been in place since 2023. Only members with no outstanding dues are eligible for the scheme. It is possible to recess for up to four consecutive years. For more information, see the following page. We will announce on our mailing list when it is time to accept applications. Contact JASID Secretariat

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Q: Can a non-member make presentation at the conference?

A: No. Only JASID members can make a presentation. However, non-members can report in the planning session and round table session, but only JASID members can submit the proposal of the planning or round table session. If you wish to make an oral presentation or a poster presentation in the conference, please submit your application by the end of July for the annual conference, or by the end of February for the spring conference....

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Q: How long does it take to be approved after applying for membership?

Answer 入会の可否は不定期に開催される「常任理事会」において審議されます。このため、入会可否の通知が届くまでには、申請のタイミングによって2~3カ月程度かかることもございます。 その後、初年度会費の支払・確認と会員番号の付与が完了してから会員サービスの享受が可能となります。このため、入会申込から会員資格を得るまでに最大4カ月ほどかかるとお考えください。 全国大会・春季大会での発表や、学会誌への投稿を検討されている方は、お早めに入会申請手続きをお済ませください。 申請後の手続きの流れについては、以下のページをご参照ください。 本件にかんするお問い合わせ先 国際開発学会・本部事務局


Conference Organization

We plan and prepare for the conferences, supporting the organization committee of respective host institutions YAMADA, Shoko (Chair) FUJIKURA, Ryo YAMAGATA, Tatsufumi KONNO, Nao SHIMAZU, Yuki SEKIYA, Yuichi HAYASHI, Yutaka LIU, Jing

Announcing the Launch of our website for the 22nd JASID Spring Conference

https://www.jasidconference.org/ The 22nd JASID Spring Conference is scheduled to be held on the 12th of June, 2021 at Tokyo Adachi Campus, Bunkyo University, which will open on the 1st of April 2021. The conference will be held in a “hybrid” format, where presentations and discussions will be carried out both in class rooms and online simultaneously. Please be noticed that the conference may be held in a completely online format depending on the Covid-19...


Development Approach to Human Security of Children

‘Human security’ is a concept to address safety and security of individual human beings, complementing the traditional concept of state security. It is also a concept to recapture security from the perspectives of protecting people from threats and hazard against their lives, livelihood and dignity, and of empowering people to become more resilient to such threats and hazard, adapting to such social environment. The objectives of this research group “Development Approach to Human Security...


JASID Prize Selection

JASID Prizes and Poster Presentation Awards The prize selection committee is in charge of evaluation and selection on the JASID Prizes and the Poster Presentation Awards. JASID Prizes are categorized into Grand Prize, Encouragement Prize, Journal Paper Prize and Committee Special Award. Grand Prize is awarded to the distinguished book or monograph; Journal Paper Prize is awarded to an excellent paper published in an academic journal on the field of international development including the...

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