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  3. 新刊案内:オープンアクセス書籍”China’s Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia’s Energy Transition”(Routlege)



新刊案内:オープンアクセス書籍”China’s Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia’s Energy Transition”(Routlege)


このたび、2018~2021年度に科研費補助金を得て遂行しました「炭素排出の国際移転:中国のエネルギー・気候変動政策とアジアのエネルギー構造転換」の成果をまとめ、オープンアクセス書籍”China’s Carbon-Energy Policy and Asia’s Energy TransitionとしてRoutlegeから公刊しました。




Part I.  Energy transition and carbon leakage, relocation, and halos

Chapter 1: Carbon leakage, relocation, and halo

A framework to understand impacts of China’s carbon-energy policy on Asia’s energy transitions
By Akihisa Mori

Chapter 2: Struggles for energy transition in the electricity system in Asian countries

A system complementarity perspective
By Akihisa Mori


Part II.  China’s energy and industrial transformation as push factors

Chapter 3: Economic and environmental impacts of power supply configuration change in China

An application of scenario input-output analysis
By Jiayang Wang, Kiyoshi Fujikawa

Chapter 4: From latecomer to first-mover advantage

Why Chinese solar PV manufacturers acquire stronger competitiveness in the global market
By Nobuhiro Horii

Chapter 5: Do Chinese power companies employ investments in foreign power projects as a geographical diversification strategy?

By Akihisa Mori


Part III.  Carbon, leakage, relocation, and halo effect in host countries

Chapter 6: The economic and carbon impact of China’s outward foreign direct investment in the power sector

By Hikari Ban, Kiyoshi Fujikawa

Chapter 7: Effect of renewable energy policies on the components’ exports from Asian countries

Evidence from the trade of PV/wind energy with matching econometrics
By Yasuhiro Ogura

Chapter 8: The role of China in energy transition in Indonesia

By Maxensius Tri Sambodo

Chapter 9: India’s energy transition

Is China an inhibitor or a catalyst?
By Nandakumar Janardhanan

Chapter 10: Impact of Chinese renewable technology exports on Japan’s energy transition

The case of the solar photovoltaic industry
By Takashi Hattori, Yi-chun Chen

Chapter 11: Generating or receiving carbon leakages?

An examination of China’s CO2 emissions in Asia
By Le Tuyet Vo, Yiyi Ju


Part IV. Countermeasures and future challenges

Chapter 12: Implications of East Asia electricity market integration on Southeast Asian economies and CO2 emissions

By Budy P. Resosudarmo, Yuventus Effendi

Chapter 13: China’s carbon-energy policy and Asia’s energy transition from carbon leakage, relocation, and halo perspectives

Conclusions and the future
By Akihisa Mori



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