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  3. Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #22 June 22(会員・一般)



Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #22 June 22(会員・一般)


Kyoto Environment and Development Seminar #22

  • Date & Time: June 22, 2023, Thursday, 15:00-16:30 (JST)
  • Language: English
  • Venue: Seminar Room E220 (GSA, Kyoto University) / Zoom Web Seminar
  • Speaker: Rie Muraoka (JIRCAS)

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Sustainable Intensification of Maize Farming in Kenya: Evidence from a Longitudinal Smallholder Survey


This study attempts to assess the determinants of the adoption of sustainable intensification of the maize farming system in Kenya, which consists of the application of improved seeds, chemical fertilizers, manure supplied by improved cows, and intercropping maize with legumes. We estimate the effects of each technological component on productivity and farm income. Our parcel-level panel regression results showed that high population density and a low ratio of land to family labor induced the adoption and intensification of yield-enhancing modern technologies such as hybrid seeds and chemical fertilizers. The estimation results demonstrated that intercropping maize with legumes and the application of manure and chemical fertilizers significantly improved land productivity. More importantly, manure application significantly increased crop income per hectare. Furthermore, the ado ption of sustainable intensification technologies in combination has additional effects on land productivity and crop income per hectare.


Ken Miura (Division of Natural Resource Economics, Kyoto University)


Division of Natural Resource Economics, Kyoto University
 Ken Miura

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